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Nigeria to Prepare Prepaid Database: SIM Detail Registration

Nigerian Government has planned to register details of all prepaid subscribers by next year in order to help improving social securit

Text Messaging While Driving: Banned in New Hamshire

Effective from 1st January, texting while driving is banned in New Hampshire in order to avoid risky driving, Governors hi

US User Choosing Mobile Ditching Landlines

Increasing number of US households choosing cellular phones without any landlines has been reported by Federal Centers for Disease Co

China Thinks to Charge Cross-Border Internet Traffic

China plans to measure all cross-border internet traffic and will allow all internet service providers to charge on the metered volume, recent BBC news reported.

EU to Make High-Speed Internet Compulsory

Incoming Spanish EU President has planned to make compulsory service of high speed broadband all through the area of European Union m

Free Mobile Wins 3G License as 4th Mobile Operator in France

Free Mobile is awarded 3G mobile network license by French Telecommunication Regulator as the 4th to start providing mobil

US Govt to Distribute Broadband Grant to Stimulate Industry
2 billion USD will be handed out as loans and grants by US administration to players in telecom industry for the planned massive
Verizon Answers FCC Inquiry on Fee Raise

Verizon Wireless submitted the explanation of its alleged high charging for smart phones on customers’ who broke the contracts.

Verizon Wireless Testing Next Generation PON

Verizon Wireless put next generation PON (passive optical network) under trial which they named as XG PON planning to transmit data a

ST-Ericsson and Nokia Partners in Chinese TD-SCDMA

ST-Ericsson and Nokia declared a long-term partnership to work in collaboration in the technology of TD-SCDMA which is a 3G standard