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What is LTE (Long Term Evolution)?

LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is a a 4th generation (4G) mobile broadband standard and is aimed to be the successor to the 3G technologies GSM/UMTS. It is currently in development and is considered the competitor to WiMAX. In the beginning there was GSM. And then there was GPRS, and then UMTS/W-CDMA. In the future, hopefully not too distant future, there will be LTE. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is many things but an evolution of the current 3GPP technology it is not.  If an egg-laying amphibian had given birth to the first monkey overnight then Charles Darwin would not be a household name.

LTE is so different from its 3GPP predecessor that it must be considered a species from a different planet.  WiMAX proponents might contend that LTE looks more like an evolution of that technology than of UMTS. The first version of the WiMAX air interface specification was completed a number of years ago. There has been ample time to reflect on its shortcomings, and LTE does a good job of avoiding these in its first release.


LTE & Voice
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