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Penetration of mobile market in Middle East by 2011

By 2008 over half of the world population will be using mobile services. This has been derived after recent studies regarding market trends. The Portio Research surveys however, shows that by next year the global mobile penetration rate will exceed 50 percent. The coming four years also predict more addition of 1.5 billion mobile phone users. Hence by year 2011 the global mobile penetration rate shall be as high as 75 per cent. Among these figures nearly 65 per cent comprises from the region of Asia pacific. The rural areas of Pakistan as well as India show a great number of new mobile subscribers. The reports of the Portio Research also predicts that the US market which has been having a good stable growth for the last five years might see a lower trend now.
In the Middle East the market of telecommunications also looks for similar trend sets as in other nations of the developing countries. The mobile subscriber has reached high and the usage of broadband and internet has been increasing steadily. But the market trend shows that the spectacular growth that has been occurring in past few years might not get repeated in few countries. Hence this signifies that operators in the Western countries who have been searching for growth outside their own fully saturated home markets have lost a good chance. Inspite of the fact that various markets in the Middle East are ready for competition yet these western operators have lost a good opportunity.
The use of mobile phones will be increasing in a rapid speed in the new markets according to the reports. However, the monthly Average Revenue Per User or the ARPU for subscribers in the US is supposed to be same as the ARPU rate in various other countries of the world. The monthly ARPU is $3 or $4 in places like Bangladesh and India. Yet the reports reveal that a single subscriber in Northern America is as valuable to as many as seven new mobile subscribers in Asia in relation to revenue structures. Thus no region of the world should be kept out of market studies and research.
The estimated number of mobile subscribers has increased from 190.8 million in the year 2008 to 256.5 million in 2011 in these regions of the world. This region is characterized by a varied economic condition. The countries like Syria, Palestine and Lebanon shows a mobile penetration of 42.5%, 28.0% and 34.5% respectively during last year end. However rich countries like Quatar, UAE and Israel shows a growth rate of 151.6%, 183.6% and 141.4% respectively.