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Impact Of IMS On Current Gsm Market

IMS or the IP Multimedia Subsystems is an architectural frame that provides Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia services. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project or the 3GPP originally designed this IMS system during the year 1999. This was one of the ways the company visualized its idea for developing a network of mobiles beyond the GSM services. Originally the 3GPP R5 formulated the IMS technology for adding the services of internet over the GSM services. The IMS assists in merging the services of the internet with the world of mobiles. Thus the customers can access the World Wide Web along with other telecom utilities. In short it helps the customers to stay connected and updated with the whole world. The IMS is a complete framework that combines all services like video, voice, data and network technology on an IP based platform. Thus, the Internet and the cellular networks are merged for better sales and user benefits.  


The IMS technlogy has impacted the GSM market in many ways.The operators all over the world are developing and executing the plan of promoting the IMS networks. Unless the transition into the IMS network is completely done the GSM and Ims networks will coexist for few years. Most of the telecom industry nowadays deals with the IMS.When tested and experimented, it is derived that the GSM market needs new strategies to be put into effect and make gains from this new technology. The IMS acts as the main platform for future provisions for servicing. The operators are made risk free for the future by providing sophisticated service and catering to all the requirements efficently.  


Products that are compatible with the IMS or IP Multimedia Subsystems are being evaluated and designed and promoted in the market on a regular basis. Users get a wide range of products to choose from. The IMS supports the access on multiple platforms including the GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, WLAN, Wireline broadband and various other applications. The various internet services that is extremely advantageous for the customers are email services, browsing the web, voice messaging and conference from any locations and  messaging instantly. WAP and MMS services are also being introduced at high end packages. Keeping in mind the factor of providing fun and entertainment the IMS service also allows multiparty gaming services.


Although there are economic pressures in the world market, still the operators in Western Europe are accepting the IMS platform. Conencting to the IMS network is really easy for the user.  IMS terminals like the computer systems and the mobile phones can register to the IMS network directly.Even if someone is in a different country and network then also this can be connected.