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Mobile is the Future for Speech Technology

Not only Google that experimenting with Voice Recognition and Voice search but a whole lot of other players. 

SpeechTek Europe 2010 is a new conference that promises to make everyone aware of the new Speech Technologies and their application in Mobile and other domains.

OXFORD, United Kingdom - (Business Wire) European opportunities for the global speech technology marketplace are the focus for the launch of SpeechTEK Europe in London on 26 & 27 May.

Produced by the publishers of the industry’s best-read magazine, Speech Technology, SpeechTEK Europe is the sister of the highly successful New York annual event series and aims to capitalise on the wealth of speech innovators based here in Europe.

The conference has been developed by a Steering Committee which comprises some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders. Here they share their insights into the future for speech technologies, how they are developing, and where they will be used.

Loquendo’s Vice President of International Sales, Rosanna Duce, predicts that voice control will be a major growth area in the next five years:

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Growth of Femtocells: Latest Study Report

Femtocells are small cellular base stations using broadband connections for backhaul, intended to extend coverage and offload the mobile macro network in home and small office environments. Numerous operators are trialing femtocells and several have launched services on their networks including AT&T in the latter half of 2009.

According to a September 2009 research report from Berg Insight, femtocell shipments will grow from 0.2 million units in 2009 at a CAGR of 127 percent to 12 million units worldwide in 2014.

The European, North American and advanced markets in Asia-Pacific are expected to account for the vast majority of femtocell shipments in the foreseeable future. In many other countries worldwide, the penetration of fixed broadband connections is much lower and 3G services less developed. By 2014, there will be almost six femtocells per macro base station and the number of users that connect to a femtocell on a regular basis is estimated to surpass 70 million.

In an update to its April 2009

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