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TD-SCDMA 系统中的扰码规划


Short Video explanation on ShotCode mobile barcoding technology

world's first commercial 4G LTE base station

Swedish operator TeliaSonera has installed the world's first commercial 4G LTE base station. The site in Stockholm will be part of a commercial network scheduled to go live in 2010.

Ericsson Exciter -- A conceptual mobile Personal Area Mediator (PAM)

Difference between Antenna hopping & Frequency hopping?

Antenna hopping is a feature in which the Tx/Rx is passed through all the available antenna paths in a sector. No frequency is changed during antenna hopping.

what is IDEN


who invented Cellular fone ?

 who invented Cellular fone ?

what is LTE ?

 Can some one explain me about LTE ?

How do you rate a Mobile phone ?

How do you rate a Mobile phone ?

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what is CRBT?

A Ring-back Tone (RBT) is the audible ringing that is heard on the telephone line by the calling party after dialing and prior to the call being answered at the receiving end.