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List of London councils that collect your Christmas trees

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 17:13

Each year the streets are littered with dead and dying Christmas trees dumped by uncaring families who can’t be bothered to dispose of them properly.

To see trees that for a few weeks gave so much delight and pleasure to families being coldly cast aside without care is heartbreaking.

But those who wish to dispose of their tree is a more sensible manner, most London councils offer collection and recycling facilities, where trees are reduced to compost to grow the next generation of trees.

When handing them to the council, the Christmas trees need to be shorn of their pot, their decorations and anything not tree-like. In essence, they need to be naked.

Note, these instructions apply to real Christmas trees, grown from actual wood. Plastic trees need not apply.

Barking and Dagenham

You can take it to the car park of either Central Park, Barking Park, St Chads Park or Newlands Park on Wednesday 9 January or Friday 11 January, where it will be recycled.

Information here


Christmas trees will be collected between 6 January and 3 February 2019 if left out by your bin on your collection day. Ensure that your tree is broken in half.

Information here


They only be collecting Christmas trees from properties which are part of the garden waste service. Cut your tree in half and place it next to your garden waste bin on your collection day.

Garden waste collections will be suspended week commencing 24 December for two weeks – resuming again on Monday 7 January.

Information here


Take it to a drop off point in a local park or green space from 31 December 2018 – 13 January 2019.

Take it to the Reuse and Recycling Centre on Abbey Road – Closed on 1 January 2019.

Arrange for it to be collected as part of the bulky waste service.

Information here


They provide a free Christmas tree recycling service for residents at temporary sites around the borough.

Saturday 5 January 2019: 11am to 4pm

  • Bromley, Norman Park (Hook Farm Road entrance off Bromley Common, A21)
  • Green Street Green, Salt Depot (Shire Lane ‘spur’, off Sevenoaks Road)
  • St Paul’s Cray, Cotmandene Crescent car park (off Chipperfield Road)

Sunday 6 January 2019: 8am to 12noon

  • Beckenham, Unicorn Primary School (Creswell Drive off South Eden Park Road)
  • Biggin Hill, Charles Darwin School (Jail Lane)

Information here


Christmas tree recycling points will be open across the borough from Wednesday 2 January – Monday 14 January 2019.

Christmas trees can also be collected as part of the large household item collection service (charges may apply).

Information here

City of London

Trees can be taken to collection points advertised on their website and on estates just after Christmas. These will then be composted.

Information here


Place your tree out for collection on your refuse collection day between Monday 14 January and Friday 25 January. Before you put your tree out for collection, please make sure you have removed all decorations, stands and pots. If these have not been removed, your tree may not be collected.

If you don’t live in a kerbside property, you can still recycle your Christmas tree for free by taking it to a Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Information here


Christmas trees will be collected for recycling on certain days during January – or, alternatively, can be taken to a number of collection points around the borough in local parks.

Information here


If you receive a garden recycling collection put your tree out for collection with your garden waste on your collection day. If your tree is taller than 6ft take it to one of the parks listed below or cut into smaller pieces as it cannot be collected otherwise.

Until Sunday 13th January 2019 trees can also be taken to: Pymmes Park, Bush Hill Park, Bury Lodge Gdns, Town Park, Jubilee Park, Albany Park, Arnos Park, Durants Park, Broomfield Park, Tottenhall Sports Grd, Oakwood Park, Grovelands Park and Trent Park.

Trees to be left inside park gate for collection by park staff.

Trees can be taken to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre after this date.

Information here


They’ll collect trees on your normal collection date. If you don’t have a green-top bin you can still leave your tree at the front of your property.

If you live in a flat you should leave your real tree by the bin store.

Information here


The council will collect your tree from your home from 2-11 January, on your rubbish and recycling day. Put your tree out at the front boundary of your property by 7am, with all decorations removed.

If you live in a block or estate, leave it next to your communal bins (not inside them), making sure you do not block access to the bins.

Information here

Hammersmith and Fulham

If you normally get an on-street waste collection, simply leave your tree where you’d leave your rubbish, before 7am on your collection day between Wednesday 2 and Tuesday 15 January 2019. Trees will be collected in the afternoon.

You can take your tree to one of the designated drop-off points below:

  • Bishops Park (next to cafe, Bishops Park Road/Stevenage Road entrance)
  • Cathnor Park (next to the play area, Greenside Road)
  • Fulham Palace Road Cemetery (opposite Queensmill Road)
  • Loris Road Community Gardens (Batoum Gardens)
  • New Kings Road (on edge of Eel Brook Common)
  • Normand Park (opposite Lillie Road entrance)
  • Ravenscourt Park (by football pitch, access by foot via Ravenscourt Park Road)
  • South Park (hard standing next to cricket nets, access by foot via Woolneigh Street)
  • Wormholt Park (Sawley Road entrance)
  • Wormwood Scrubs car park (off Scrubs Lane)

Information here


If you live in a kerbside property, you can cut your tree into smaller pieces (maximum length 1 metre or 3 feet) and put it out for collection.

Christmas trees can also be taken to Haringey’s Reuse and Recycling Centre in Wood Green – Western Road, N22 6UG

Alternatively, you can take them to designated sites in certain parks – this is only offered for four weeks after Christmas Day.

This service will be available at:

  • Albert Recreation Ground
  • Down Lane Park
  • Bruce Castle Park
  • Downhills Park
  • Priory Park
  • Finsbury Park

The Gardens Residents’ Association at Doncaster Gardens will also have a Christmas tree recycling point

Information here


No specific service (that I can find), but if you chop the tree up into small pieces, and pay for their garden waste service, then that will collect the tree.

Alternatively, you can take the tree to their recycling centre.

Information here


You can recycle your Christmas trees by taking it to Gidea Park Sports Ground, Main Road, Romford on Saturday 5 January 2019 between 10am – 2pm.

You can also take your tree to Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre.

If you are a garden waste customer you can also cut your tree into pieces and place it in your garden bin.

Information here


Christmas trees can be recycled for free as part of the weekly garden waste collection service.

Residents who live in flats (which do not receive a garden waste service) can place their Christmas tree’s out for collection during January, starting from Monday 7. Residents must call the Contact Centre on 01895 556000 to inform them that there are tree’s to be collected as there is no normal crew which visits these properties.

Information here


Christmas trees will be collected in January 2019 between Monday 7 January and Friday 18 January 2019. You need to place your Christmas tree out for collection on specific dates.

Residents that live in a flat should either speak to their managing agent and/or landlord on how to dispose of their tree or alternatively drop it off at one of the drop-off points listed below.

You can also drop your Christmas tree off at designated collection points at:

  • Hanworth Air Park – Car park opposite 158A Hounslow Road, Feltham TW13 6AA
  • Hounslow Heath – Car park opposite, 495 – 497, Staines Road, Hounslow TW4 5AR
  • Redlees Park – Worton Road car park, Isleworth, TW7 6DW (taped area only) or
  • Bedfont Lakes – Clockhouse Lane car park, TW14 8QA throughout January

Information here


From 6 January put your tree on the edge of your property for collection on your recycling day or take your tree to one of the drop off points.

Estate residents – they will collect Christmas trees on 6, 13 and 20 January. This will generally be where bulky waste is taken for collection.

Flats above shops – place your tree out on 12th night (6 January) at your normal recycling collection point.

Between 30 December – 20 January 2018 you can drop your Christmas trees at these locations:

  • King Square Gardens EC1V
  • Barnard Park, Charlotte Terrace N1
  • Highbury Crescent, near playground entrance N5
  • Elthorne Park N19
  • Spa Fields (off Northampton Road) EC1R
  • Tufnell Park, Campdale Road N7
  • Paradise Park, Lough Road / MacKenzie Road entrance N7
  • Rosemary Gardens junction with Balmes Road N1
  • Wray Crescent, park end N4

Reuse and Recycling Centre, Hornsey Street also accepts green waste and Christmas trees all year round.

Information here

Kensington and Chelsea

You can recycle your tree for free by dropping it off at the tree recycling locations between Wednesday 2 and Sunday 20 January 2019.

They will also collect from houses on your rubbish and recycling collection day, between Wednesday 2 and Sunday 20 January 2019.

Information here

Kingston upon Thames

Leave the tree at the front boundary of your property on your black wheelie bin collection day between 7 and 19 January 2019.

If you would like to dispose of your Christmas tree outside of these dates, please take it to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Information here


If you’re a resident in a flat on a Lambeth Housing estate, leave your tree next to the bin area or in the bulk collection area. For residents in other flats, please check with your managing agent.

If you’re a resident in a kerbside property that receives food waste collections, please leave your tree next to your refuse and recycling containers on your collection day. Not every tree will be able to be taken on your first collection. Please continue presenting your tree next to your bins on collection day throughout January if it’s not collected on the first pass.

Information here


Recycle your real Christmas tree at any of the following points, throughout January 2019. Trees can be brought to the recycle points at any time of the day.

  • Hilly Fields, entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent
  • Deptford Park, entrance in Scawen Road
  • Telegraph Hill, Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance
  • Talbot Place, Blackheath
  • Mountsfield Park, entrance at top of George Lane
  • Sydenham Wells Park, entrance Wells Park Road
  • Forster Memorial Park, entrance top of Whitefoot Lane
  • Northbrook Park, Baring Road entrance
  • Mayow Park, entrance in Mayow Road
  • Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road
  • Manor House Gardens, Old Road entrance

If you have a garden waste bin, you can use this to dispose of your real Christmas tree. Just cut it into sizes no more than 10cm thick and 50cm long.

Information here


You can take your real Christmas tree to the recycling centre in Morden, or they can collect it free of charge.

Put your tree out before 6am on Monday 7 January. If you put your tree out later than this they may not collect it. Place the tree at the front edge of your property so that it can be seen and easily reached from the pavement, but not on the pavement.

Trees will be collected by Thursday 17 January at the latest.

Information here


Does not appear to have a dedicated service, but if you cut trees up enough to fit in a garden waste bag, they will collect them

You can also take trees to the recycling centre at Jenkins Lane, if you pay for that facility.

Information here


They’re offering a Christmas tree collection service which will run for 2 weeks between Monday 14 January and Friday 25 January 2019. However, they don’t offer a specific day of collection so place your tree, with all decorations removed, out from Monday 14 January at the boundary of your property (ensuring it is visible).

Alternatively, you can take your tree for free to Chigwell Road tip or any other refuse and recycling centre.

Information here

Richmond upon Thames

The council will collect your real Christmas tree for recycling on the normal scheduled garden waste collection day for your street between Monday 7 and Friday 18 January 2019.

Alternatively you can take your tree to the Recycling Centre in Townmead Road.

Christmas trees will also be collected from the sites listed below commencing Wednesday 2 January 2019:

  • Barn Elms Sports Centre, SW13 0DG
  • Squire’s Garden Centre car park, Sixth Cross Road, TW2 5PA
  • Old Deer Car Park, TW9 2RA
  • Ham Street Car Park, TW10 7RS
  • Nelson Road Car Park, TW2 7BB
  • Hampton Library car park, TW12 2AB
  • North Lane Car Park, TW11 0HJ

Information here


If you have a food and garden waste collection real Christmas trees can be collected as part of your normal household collection, simply leave it by your bin on collection day or;

If you don’t have a food and garden waste collection now, you just need to book a special one off garden collection on their website or by sending an email to environment@southwark.gov.uk with your address, so they can add it to the next collection in your area. You will need to make sure it is accessible for the crew to collect

Alternatively Christmas trees can be taken to the Reuse and Recycling centre on Devon Street (off old Kent Road).

Information here


From Monday 14 to Saturday 26 January 2019, Sutton council will be collecting real Christmas trees for free from houses on the standard kerbside collection service.

Alternatively, from Saturday 5 January to Sunday 13 January there will be three locations across the borough where you can drop off your real Christmas tree to be recycled.

The sites will be open from 9:30am-3:30pm

  • The Mount, Clockhouse – on the green opposite the Jack & Jill pub, CR5 2QY
  • Roundshaw Park, Lindbergh Road, SM6 9HB
  • Kimpton Refuse and Recycling Centre, Kimpton Park Way SM3 9QH

Information here

Tower Hamlets

There will be a collection for the recycling of real Christmas trees from 7-21 January 2019.

If you currently receive a kerbside food and garden waste collection, leave out for collection on your scheduled day during this period. If you do not have kerbside services, contact your property landlord or management company who can arrange collections from the nominated communal collection points.

Information here

Also, Tower Hamlets Cemetery are asking for trees to be donated so they can be used to make wildlife hedges.

Information here

Waltham Forest

For residents with wheeled bins, leave your real Christmas tree next to your bins on the day of collection.

For residents living in flats book a free collection for your real Christmas tree.

Trees will collected by ward from Monday 7 January

Information here


The council will be aiming to collect all unwanted trees from people’s front gardens on their scheduled refuse and recycling collection days between Friday, January 4 and Friday, January 18.

Residents with front gardens should place any trees for collection alongside their dustbins and recycling sacks.

Those without front gardens can place them on the pavement directly in front of their home but only if it does not cause an obstruction. These trees should not be left out for collection any earlier than 6.30pm on the day before the collection is due.

Residents who live in blocks of flats should leave their trees near to their refuse bin store, making sure they do not block access.

Information here


Westminster has 26 recycling points for real Christmas trees. You can take your tree to a drop-off point between Saturday 29 December and Sunday 13 January 2019.

Opening hours are 8am to 8pm unless they are in parks, which close at 4.30pm.

Information here

And finally… a moan

This is something that’s irked me for some time, but I remembered it strongly while compiling this list — and that is why do people living in flats often get an inferior service from councils than people living in houses.

It costs the council far less money to go to a block of flats and grab a few of the big communal bins than it does to slowly parade along residential streets emptying each house bin one at a time.

So, flat owners save the council money, but when it comes to services such as Christmas trees, while most councils are happy to go door-to-door collecting from homes, they tend to expect flat dwellers to take their tree to a collection point.

And most flat owners don’t own cars, unlike most home owners, so lugging a tree to a recycling centre should be much easier for people living in houses than for people living in flats. But who gets the doorside collection? The houses, not the flats.

Yes there will be differences in logistics and how to handle collecting 40 trees from one location instead of spread along a road.

But, if people living in flats are expected to pay the same council tax as people living in houses, then they shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens in terms of council services.

Bah humbug!

Puss in books in the British Library

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 14:00

Long before cats appeared on the internet, they appeared in books, and their comic antics are currently the topic of an exhibition at the British Library.

Unfortunately for the cats, their earliest depictions were often in witches manuals, as a guide to witchfinder generals out seeking demonic activities. It was some time before they started to appear in the more familiar comic form that we associate with them today.

The exhibition is largely a collection of books and posters with cats as the main topic — and arranged thematically.

From cats being cats to cats being pseudo-humans, to cats being fantasy figures. Cats play around the exhibition in painted silhouettes on the walls as you walk around.

A rare copy of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is on show — rare because it was suppressed when printed. It seems that Lewis Carroll disliked the quality of the printing and ordered copies to be suppressed by the publisher.

Possibly the earliest LOL cat is here as well – in a book from 1964 which was a manual written by cats about how to deal with humans, and “translated” by a human for us to read. The photos in the book of the cat at a typewriter predate what we would be seeing on the internet by a good 40 years.

It’s a small exhibition, but one that is bound to bring a smile to most faces, and leave you maybe wandering over to a bookshop to buy a copy of a book that you’ve been reminded of from your childhood.

The exhibition, Cats on the Page is open until 17th March 2019 and is free to visit.

Finding the Cyprus Street war memorial

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 07:00

On a rather fine looking side street in Bethnal Green can be found a surprisingly impressive, and well maintained war memorial to the dead of WW1.

This is Cyprus Street, and while many streets put up temporary memorials in the aftermath of WW1, this is one of the few to survive to the modern day.

Part of the reason for its endurance could be due to the fact that it’s been suggested that it had the highest soldier casualty rate of any street in London during WW1.

The Cyprus Street plaque was originally paid for by the Duke of Wellington’s Discharged and Demobolised Soldiers and Sailors Benevolent Club — which is less grand than it sounds, as just down the road is the Duke of Wellington pub, and its their patrons who funded the memorial.

But, there’s a problem. It’s in the wrong place.

When originally erected it stood at the far end of the street, closer to the pub. However, that end was hit by a bomb during WW2. Although the memorial survived, the council decided to build blocks of flats on the site in the 1960s and the memorial put into storage.

Destined to be eventually consigned to a historical archive, it was dug out by local residents and reinstalled in the middle of the (now somewhat shorter) street.

It’s clearly still “in use”, and a service is held here on Remembrance Sunday. A recent addition being a Tower of London poppy, and the flags are looked after.

As a street, it’s quite delightful, with all the doors and window shutters painted a uniform rich colour which gives it a well maintained appearance, probably because most of the homes are owned by a housing association. The memorial in the centre amplifies the sense of community here.

Merry Christmas

Tue, 12/25/2018 - 07:00

Photos from Smithfield’s annual Christmas Eve auction

Mon, 12/24/2018 - 16:26

Another year and Smithfield’s famous Christmas Eve meat and turkey auction gets bigger and better. Where once they conducted the whole auction from inside the stall, now long walkways weave themselves through the crowds so that everyone is close to the action, and closer to getting a joint of meat or turkey.

I’ve written about the auction itself before, but as always, its as much for the atmosphere as it is for the bargains.

Some photos:

London’s Alleys: Billy Fury Way, NW6

Mon, 12/24/2018 - 07:00

This is an old path that appeared with the railways but only gained the name of a local celebrity fairly recently.

When the railways arrived in this part of London, it was still largely fields, so any footpath that may have existed along this line doesn’t show up, but by 1872, there is the clear sign of the footpath showing up on maps.

The utility of the footpath is that it was at the time, the only way between Finchley Road and what is today West Hampstead, as there were no roads at the time. It was, as I said, all fields around here.

Over time, the area built up as the railways hoped, bringing fresh commuters to their stations, and as new roads and houses were added the footpath somehow managed to linger on, even as its usefulness declined.

In 2010 the footpath gained its current name of Billy Fury Way following a public poll, and was named after the singer who used to rehearse in the Decca Studios on Broadhurst Gardens, just around the corner from the alley.

It was also given a bit of a clean up, and at the West Hampstead end, a mural of the singer was added. Sadly the mural has not had a good life as it was swiftly damaged, then painted over, restored, and was on my visit, once again painted over.

The alley was also being suggested as a site for graffiti artists, and while one was at work on my walk through, it seems that the graffiti of choice along here is more tagging than artistic.

Indeed, it’s a bit of a run down pathway now, and there have been suggestions to close it entirely due to anti-social behaviour.

However, it’s these slivers of communication weaving their way around the backs of houses and warehouses that are so interesting to wander down, getting away from the clean high streets and residential streets into the underbelly of the city.

It slides between busy railway lines and the backs of houses, modern and old. One side of walls maintained by home owners, and inches away, the other side covered in spray paint. Rubbish is dropped, dog poo is left where it falls.

The back walls of the former Tower Royal Works owned by J. Sloper and Co lines the opening of the alley, where machines for protecting cheques, and later railway tickets were made.

The alley, so far deep down at ground level and surrounded by high walls and fences suddenly leaps upwards and over the railways through a metal canyon of spray paint.

The route of the alley used to veer away from the railway, but post-war rebuilding pushed the alley sideways to make space for homes.

Along it’s length this is an alley with many changing faces, while all wear the same make up of graffiti artists. Brick walls, metal fences, security gates, old warning signs, simple utility lighting, it’s an feast of fencing designs.

The Finchley Road end is soon to be revamped though. A new housing development, replacing an old pub will see the footpath’s ancient(ish) route diverted northwards, widened and opened up to make it more welcoming. That might encourage a few more people down into this thin vein of London to discover the curious delight that comes from unkempt footpaths.

Some more photos:

Christmas Telly Past — a review over the years

Sun, 12/23/2018 - 15:00

Christmas Day being the one day of the year where it is almost impossible to do anything other than veg in front of the telly, other than taking photos of empty city centres that is.

However, with a massive, and generally captive audience, what do the television bosses offer us. I seemed to recall a time when xmas day telly was dominated by a major movie in the afternoon, then it was killed off by Noel Edmunds schmaltzy do-gooding shows. So I pondered what was telly really like. Am I remembering a past more fondly than it really was, or has telly gone sharply down hill in recent years.

So I looked back through the Christmas week Radio/TV Times and compiled a listing (full list below).

What has turned up is that telly seems to go in 5 and 10-year cycles, with patterns of similar shows being run over a number of years before a new trend replaces them.

Lets look back over a lifetime of telly on Christmas Day.

As befits the BBC’s early obsession with education, its first xmas day broadcast starts with a lesson in carving the xmas turkey. Presumably aimed at people who put the turkey into the oven late and wont be eating until supper time.

In the early years, the King’s Speech was audio only, as radio was still seen as the correct place for such things, and also it was broadcast live which meant that cameras would be a hassle. Also, the King didn’t always appear on the Christmas day schedule, and was missing on some years.

In the 1930s, its good wholesome home information films. There wasn’t much in the 1940s, as BBC1 was shut-down during the war and people turned to the radio or cinema instead.

In the 1950s, there is a marked trend towards showing a short family film, and more children oriented shows.

In 1955, The King’s occasional Christmas Day broadcast was replaced by The Queen, who was still only available in audio, but she has been on the telly in some form or other every Christmas since then, except in 1959, 1960, 1963 and 1969 for some reason. During those years, she was usually replaced by Billy Smart’s Circus, and you can read into that whatever you like!

In fact, the circus became a staple part of the Christmas afternoon entertainment from the late 1950s right through to the middle of the 1970s.

1955 was also the launch of ITV, bringing a wider selection to Christmas Day — although both channels showed The Queen at the same time. 1955 also marked the final year that the BBC closed down broadcasting in the late-afternoon, probably reacting to the arrival of the new upstart in commercial television land.

A couple of years later, in 1957, The Queen was seen as well as heard on the moving picture box for the first time.

In 1960, the notion of competition possibly died a little, as both BBC and ITV put on the same sort of thing at the same time — a circus event. It seems that the big top was exceptionally popular in the 1960s.

1964 saw the arrival of BBC2 offering a respite from circuses everywhere, and in 1969 ITV dropped The Queen, but she was back the following year. Maybe words were had with the boss.

Incidentally, The Queen started with a 5 minute speech, but that has over time lengthened to a 10-minute slot on telly. Except in 1970, when she was give a full 20 minutes for some reason.

ITV had also dropped the circus by now, and was starting to run with movies, albeit not the block-busters, just safe staid family fare.

In 1977, BBC2 dropped its habit of showing The Queen at 3pm, and started what is now its tradition of a later repeat in the evening instead.

It was also in the mid 1970s that we can start to see the trend towards showing a major movie in the afternoon. There’s still some light entertainment after The Queen, but an afternoon of several short light programmes is starting to be replaced by just a couple of major shows or films.

The big shock was 1978 though — as Billy Smart’s Circus jumped from BBC1 to ITV. So we still liked the big top on xmas day then. But not for long, as the circus was dropped just a year later, and ITV started its long love affair with the James Bond movie.

1982 saw the arrival of Channel4, who initially copied BBC2 in moving The Queen to a later time. They also launched their brand new channel, by showing an old B&W movie. They were however to start a Christmas tradition, on Boxing Day, with the first screening of The Snowman.

And finally in 1987, Eastenders appeared on the afternoon schedule for the first time. It was also around this time that the blockbuster film premier started to dominate the afternoon schedule.

A Monarch, A Film Premier, A Popular Show == Christmas Day.

(Although I can only presume it was a bad year for Hollywood in 1989 and 1991)

It was however in 1993, that Noel Edmunds started his Christmas Day invasion. Still just an add-on, but his folksome dolling out of gifts was soon to replace the blockbuster movie as the Xmas day staple.

It was also 1993 that Ch4 launched its alternative Christmas Message, an initially worthy idea that was later ruined by Ch4s typical behaviour these days, or relying on celebs rather than actually interesting people.

Curiously, it was 1996 that caught me by surprise. I seemed to remember Jurasic Park as one of the big-brand movies that were shown after The Queen, but its premier was in the evening, not the afternoon. So, yes, the BBC did have big name films, I just got the time wrong.

The late 1990s was also the dominance on telly of Noel Edmunds, Rolf Harris and Terry Wogan — an unholy triumvirate.

But the new millennium broke with a break from tradition, with two blockbuster premieres on the same day. Sadly, not to last with probably a surge in sales of DVDs as soon as the 2002 schedule was announced.

Then again, in 2004, Ch4 devoted the entire day to the yellow faced cartoons of The Simpsons. In 2007, Ch4’s flirtation with its alternative Christmas Message was somewhat downgraded as the slot was moved from 3pm to a random location in the schedule.

In recent years, BBC1 has been dominated by a blockbuster movie again, but all of the same genre, namely a children’s film, and then Dr Who and Strictly Dancing in the evening. ITV has been, well, very ITV, all celebs and soaps, while Ch4 having been an odd mixture over the years is this year just going for wall-to-wall films, plus the addition of a festive Bake Off. BBC2 sticks to its usual fare of slightly upper brow art and old comedies.

It might be another good year for DVD sales, or downloads.

Christmas Day Afternoons 1936 BBC1

3.00 Christmas Turkey Carving Demonstration

3.15 News Reel

3.25 A Lonely Christmas Arctic

3.30 Picture Page (fourteenth edition) Christmas Number

4.00 Close

1937 BBC1

3.00 The King`s Message (sound only)

3.05 The Rev Pat McCormick

3.10 Charles Heslop (comedy) and Irene Prador (Viennese songs)

3.30 Mr Gillie Potter

3.40 Musical Farmer, cartoon film

3.45 Alice in Wonderland

4.15 Close




2.50 A Christmas Party in the Children’s Ward of St George’s Hospital

3.45 Richard Hearne with George Nelson on Puddings, Christmas

4.00 Close

The war years, no telly… 1946 BBC1

3.00 The King speaks to his people (sound only)

3.10 Christmas in Children’s Hospital

4.00 Close

1947 BBC1

3.00 The King`s Message to the Commonwealth and Empire (sound only)

3.15 Party Broadcast

4.00 Close

1948 BBC1

3.00 Film : Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona

4.00 Close

1949 BBC1

3.20 For the Children : Film : Little Lord Fauntleroy

5.00 Close


Nothing broadcast between 12:30 and 5pm.

1951 BBC1

3.20 Film : Wallaby Jim of the Islands

4.15 Close

1952 BBC1

3.20 Film : Swiss Miss

4.20 Interlude

4.30 Andy Pandy followed by The Flowerpot Men

5.00 Children’s Television : One Way Genie, a play

6.00 Close

1953 BBC1

3.15 Christmas Journey Round the World

4.15 Watch with Mother Andy Pandy

4.30 Close



3.15 The Season’s Greetings

4.15 Close

4.45 Andy Pandy

6.00 Association Football Results

6.05 Close



3.00 The Queen’s broadcast (sound only)

3.15 A Christmas Visit to Disneyland

4.45 Watch with Mother : Andy Pandy

5.00 Children’s Television

6.00 Close

3.00 The Queen’s Broadcast (sound only)

3.15 Alice in Wonderland

4.00 Liberace

4.30 Junior Television

6.00 Closedown



3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Message (sound only)

3.15 Variety Theatre of China

3.30 Grand Circus from Paris

4.30 Puss in Boots filmed by Johnny Morris

4.50 The Lone Ranger

3.00 The Queen`s Message (sound only)

3.15 Commonwealth Prospect

3.30 Musical programme

4.00 The File on Voronov, film

4.30 Buffalo Bill Jnr in “Six-Gun Symphony”

5.00 Jolly Good Time

6.00 Close

1957 BBC1 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Billy Smart’s Family Party

4.00 Children’s Television

4.20 Film : Mrs Mike starring Dick Powell

6.00 News and Weather

3.00 The Queen, from Sandringham

3.15 Film : The Lady from Boston

4.30 Cool for Cats

4.45 Rin-Tin-Tin

5.15 For Children- Popeye

5.45 Film : The Big Top, a Russian film

1958 BBC1 ITV

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Message

3.15 Billy Smart’s Family Party

4.15 Film : North-West Stampede

5.30 Plapp, a film about a seabird

6.00 News

3.00 The Queen

3.15 From All of Us to All of You

4.15 Carroll Levis Junior Discoveries

5.00 Christmas in Cyprus

5.30 Spotlight on Musicals

6.05 News



3.00 Chipperfield’s Circus Festival

4.00 Billy Cotton’s Christmas Party

4.45 Barrie’s A Kiss for Cinderella

6.15 News Summary

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : A Girl in Every Port

4.15 Happy Christmas

4.45 Richard Todd presents

5.30 Educating Archie

6.00 Once Upon a Christmas

1960 BBC1 ITV

2.09 Walt Disney: the story of a man who became a legend

3.25 Appeal, on behalf of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund

3.30 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.30 What’s My Line? from Hammersmith Hospital, London

5.00 Tonight with Belafonte

5.50 News and Weather

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Grand Christmas Circus

4.05 Ice Show: Sleeping Beauty at Brighton Palladium

4.55 Pathfinders to Mars

5.25 Seeing is Believing

5.45 News

5.55 Alice Through the Looking Box

1961 BBC1 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.07 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.05 The World of Walt Disney introduced by David Jacobs

5.15 Film : Just William’s Luck

6.45 The News

3.00 The Queen

3.07 All Star Christmas Circus (Chipperfield’s)

4.20 Close Up

5.00 For Children

5.55 News

6.05 The Archbishop of Canterbury

1962 BBC1 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.15 Puss in Boots

5.45 Hayley in Disneyland

6.50 News including The Queen

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Chipperfield’s Circus

4.10 Close-Up

5.00 Christmas Rendezvous

5.55 News

6.05 A Christmas Message by the Archbishp of Canterbury

1963 BBC1 ITV

3.00 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.05 Film : Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd

5.15 Sooty: Sooty’s Christmas Party

5.30 The News

3.00 The Queen

3.05 FILM: The Glass Mountain

4.42 Mahalia Jackson

4.50 Zoo Time

5.15 The Terrible Ten

5.45 Don`t Say a Word

6.10 News



3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.10 Disney Time with Julie Andrews

5.10 News

5.15 Robinson Crusoe starring Norman Wisdom

4.25 Christmas Carols from the Chapel of King`s College, Cambridge

5.10 Slask

3.00 The Queen

3.07 Richard Whittington Esquire

4.30 Don`t Say a Word

5.00 Five O’Clock Club

5.30 Ready, Steady, Go!

6.25 News

1965 BBC1 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.00 Disney Time, with Maurice Chevalier

4.50 Mother Goose, starring Norman Vaughan and Terry Scott

6.25 News Summary

Nothing until 6:30pm

3.00 The Queen

3.07 Film : Moby Dick (1956)

5.10 Discovering Britain, with John Betjeman

5.21 Football Results

5.22 Christmas Lucky Stars

6.05 The Beverly Hillbillies

1966 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.00 Disney Time with Rolf Harris

4.40 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

6.05 The News

3.00 The Queen`s Christmas Message

3.05 The World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau

4.00 Film : Oh, Mr Porter! (1937)

5.20 The Leningrad State Kirov Ballet

6.10 Newsyear 66

3.00 The Queen

3.07 Film: Sabrina Fair

5.05 Thunderbirds: Give or Take a Million

6.00 News

1967 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.15 Disney Time with Dick van Dyke

5.00 Cinderella BBC1’s Christmas pantomime

6.30 The News

3.00 The Queen

3.10 The Royal Palaces of Britain

4.10 Amahl and the Night Visitors (b&w)

5.00 Film : Doctor in Love

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film: Fancy Pants

4.43 Many Moons, a James Thurber fairy story

5.05 Sexton Blake

5.55 News

1968 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Message to the Commonwealth

3.05 Billy Smart’s Circus

4.10 Disney Time with Val Doonican

5.00 Humpty Dumpty starring Leslie Crowther and Reg Varney

6.30 The News

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Message to the Commonwealth

3.05 The Royal Ballet present The Nutcracker

4.45 Peace on Earth The Christmas Story

5.00 Film : Lords of the Forest : Masters of the Congo Jungle

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Kelvin Hall Circus

4.10 Do Not Adjust Your Stocking

5.00 Film: The Courage of Lassie

5.50 News

6.00 Film: The Courage of Lassie, continued

1969 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 Billy Smart’s Circus Spectacular

4.10 Disney Time

5.00 Cinderella

6.30 The Main News with Robert Dougall and Weather

3.00 The Royal Ballet : The Sleeping Beauty

5.25 News Summary

5.30 Call My Bluff Christmas Edition

3.00 Film: Petticoat Pirates

4.35 Aladdin

5.50 News

6.00 All Star Comedy Carnival

1970 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.25 Billy Smart’s Circus Spectacular

4.30 Disney Time with Harry Worth

5.10 Robinson Crusoe

6.40 The Main News

3.25 The Royal Ballet in Cinderella

5.10 The Great Inimitable Dickens

6.40 It’s a Terrible Waste of an Egg

3.00 The Queen

3.20 Film: The Incredible Mr Limpet

4.45 Cinderella

5.50 News

6.00 All Star Comedy Carnival

1971 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.15 The Black and White Minstrel Show

5.00 Aladdin

6.30 News

3.10 The Royal Ballet in La Fille Mal Gardee

4.50 The Queen

5.00 I Can See It All

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : King Solomon’s Mines

5.00 A Variety of Reg Varney

6.00 News

1972 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.10 Dick Whittington

5.45 News

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : Henry V

5.15 Call My Bluff

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : That Riviera Touch

4.50 Opportunity Knocks Christmas Special !

5.35 News

5.45 All Star Comedy Carnival

1973 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.20 Christmas Panto: Robin Hood

5.55 News

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Film : Far from the Madding Crowd

5.55 The Railroader, with Buster Keaton

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

4.50 Queen of Hearts

6.20 News

1974 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.05 Film : True Grit

6.10 News

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Golf 74

4.05 La Traviata

6.10 Film : Henry V

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film: Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

5.35 News

5.45 Meet Peters and Lee

1975 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.05 Film : The Wizard of Oz

5.45 National News

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Swan Lake

4.45 In Deepest Britain

5.35 Nice One A Cockney Wedding

5.50 Film : The Yearling

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : Doctor in Trouble

4.45 Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo

5.10 News

5.20 Bay City Rollers Show

1976 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.15 Film : Oliver!

6.35 Evening News

3.00 The Queen

3.15 The Snow Queen

4.20 Alice Through the Looking-Glass

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Please Sir!

5.00 New Faces Derek Hobson

6.00 News

1977 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

4.10 Film : The Wizard of Oz

5.50 Basil Through the Looking Glass

6.20 Evening News

3.00 The Lively Arts – In Performance Coppélia, ballet

4.40 In Deepest Britain Waders in Winter

5.10 Celebration a portrait of the Queen’s summer jubilee tour

5.40 The Queen

3.00 The Queen

3.10 To See Such Fun, a look at four decades of film fun

4.40 Emu’s Christmas Adventure

5.40 ITN News

5.45 The Muppet Show

1978 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.20 Larry Grayson’s Christmas Generation Game

4.20 Film: The Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews

7.10 Evening News

3.20 The Snow Queen a fairytale for television

4.20 Christmas Matinée: Dersu Uzala

3.00 The Queen

3.20 Film : Battle for the Planet of the Apes

4.55 Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

6.05 News

1979 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.20 Larry Grayson’s Christmas Generation Game

4.20 Film : The Gnome Mobile

5.45 BBC News

3.00 Film : A Hard Day’s Night

4.25 Christmas Day Concert

5.30 A Christmas Carol

3.00 The Queen

3.15 The James Bond film: Goldfinger (1964)

5.10 News

5.15 3-2-1, Dickensian Xmas Show

6.15 George and Mildred

1980 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

5.15 The Paul Daniels Magic Show

6.05 Evening News

3.10 A Year in the Life of an Exmoor Man

4.10 Film : Blue Skies

5.50 Little Swallow

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film: George and Mildred (1976)

5.05 3-2-1 Pantomime

6.00 The James Bond Film: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

1981 BBC1 BBC2 ITV

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Larry Grayson’s Generation Game

4:10 Film : In Search of the Castaways

5:45 Jim’ll Fix It

6:25 Evening News

3:10 A Charlie Brown Christmas

3:35 Film : Uproar in Heaven

5:25 Joseph and Child

5:40 Sounds of Christmas

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Film : Dr No

5.15 This Is Your Life

5.45 News from ITN

5.50 Film : The Muppet Movie

1982 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:05 Film : International Velvet

5:10 News

3:40 The Book Game

4:10 25 Years in Space

5:20 Sellers Over Christmas : Film : The Millionairess

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film: The Parent Trap

5.25 ITN News

5.35 3-2-1, with Ted Rogers

3.00 Magic of China

4.00 Film: The Navigator

5.05 Brookside

6.00 The Queen

  1983 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:15 Blankety Blank

3:50 Film : Treasure Island

5:25 News and Weather

3:00 The Book Game

3:30 The Great Palace : The Story of Parliament

4:20 Henry’s Cat

4:25 Film : Meet Me in St Louis

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Film: Superman (1978)

5.40 Bullseye Christmas Special

6.25 ITN News

3.10 Skywhales

3.25 Fragile Earth

4.25 Film : Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

6.00 The Queen

1984 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Film : Mary Poppins

5:25 News and Weather

5:30 Christmas Blankety Blank

3:25 Film : Limelight

5:35 Telly Quiz

3.00 The Queen

3.10 The James Bond Film : The Man with the Golden Gun (1974),

5.25 ITN News

5.30 Give Us a Clue

6.00 Bring Me Sunshine – A Tribute to Eric Morecambe

3.20 Film: The Young Visiters (1984)

5.00 The Queen

5.10 Giselle ballet

1985 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Children’s Royal Variety Performance

4:55 All Creatures Great and Small

6:25 News and Weather

3:30 Three in the Wild

4:30 Film : Citizen Kane

6:25 A Prize Performance : Hinge and Bracket

3.00 The Queen

3.05 The James Bond Film : Moonraker (1979)

5.30 ITN News

5.40 Name That Tune

6.10 Coronation Street

2.35 Film : The Marx Brothers at the Circus (1939)

4.15 Film : Nothing But Pleasure (1940)

4.35 The Queen

4.45 Film : The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

  1986 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Film : Annie

5:15 News and Weather

3:20 Film : Hoppity Goes to Town

4:35 Comic Roots

5:15 Film : The Fortune Cookie

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Dumbo (1941) Première

4.20 Strike It Lucky

4.55 News

5.00 Cinderella

6.30 The James Bond Première : Film : Never Say Never Again (1983)

3.00 Glorianna opera

5.40 The Queen

5.50 Film: The Snowman (1982)

  1987 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 EastEnders

3.40 Film : Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

5.35 News

3.10 Film : La traviata

4.55 White Nights of Dance

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Alice in Wonderland (1951)

4.30 ITN News

4.35 Disney at Christmas, Film : Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

6.45 Christmas Blind Date

2.10 The Mysteries : The Nativity

4.30 Countdown The Final

5.15 The Queen

5.25 Film : The Snowman (1982)

1988 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Film : Back to the Future

5:05 Only Fools and Horses

6:25 News and Weather

3:00 Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Concert

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Christmas Blind Date

3.55 Movie Première: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

6.05 Save The Children with Michael Crawford

2.00 Film : Show People (1928)

3.30 Film : The Snowman (1982)

6.00 Faerie Tale Theatre: Pinocchio

1989 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Bread

4.05 Only Fools and Horses

5.30 News

3.00 Film : The Pagnol Trilogy : Marius

5.00 Aida from the Met

3.00 The Queen

3.15 Film : The B.F.G. (1989) animation

5.00 Home and Away

5.30 News

5.40 Strike It Lucky Christmas Special

1.10 Film: Pride and Prejudice (1940)

3.25 Birthday Dame Judi Dench

3.40 An Evening For Armenia

5.10 The Queen

  1990 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:05 Film : ET – The Extra Terrestrial

5:00 News

3:10 Animation Now Try Again and Succeed

3:20 Henry Moore and Landscape

3:50 Film : Powaqqatal

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : Moonraker (1979)

5.25 News

5.30 Strike It Lucky Christmas Special

6.15 Ken Dodd at the London Palladium

2.50 Max Wall : A Life Class

3.20 The Huge Adventures of Trevor a Cat

3.30 Film: It’s a Gift

4.45 The Queen

4.55 News

5.00 Faerie Tale Theatre: Jack and the Beanstalk

1991 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Only Fools and Horses

4.40 Bruce Forsyth’s Christmas Generation Game

5.50 News

3.10 Film : The Wizard of Oz

4.50 The Staggering Years of Ferdinand de Bargos

5.20 Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Coronation Street

3.35 Film : For Your Eyes Only (1981)

5.55 This Is Your Life

3.15 Mozart: Piano Concerto in G Major

3.55 Cirque de Soleil

5.20 News

5.25 Film: The Snowman (1982)

1992 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Film : Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

5:10 News and Weather

3:00 Nigel Mansell 1992

3:45 The Maestro and the Diva

4:40 Life with Eliza

4:50 Film : Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : Supergirl (1984)

5.15 News

5.25 Coronation Street

5.50 Christmas Blind Date

3.00 Film : The Phantom Tollbooth animation

4.40 A Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert

6.20 The Snowman

1993 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4:05 Film : Back to the Future III

5:55 News

2:50 A Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev

3:35 Film : Romeo and Juliet

5:35 A Grand Day Out

3.00 The Queen

3.05 Film : The NeverEnding Story (1984)

4.50 News

5.00 Beadle’s Daredevils

6.00 Film : National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

3.00 The Alternative Queen’s Message with Quentin Crisp

3.15 Christmas Star documentary

4.15 The Queen

4.25 The Snowman

4.55 Brookside

6.20 Christmas with Luciano Pavarotti

1994 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4:10 Animal Hospital Christmas with Rolf Harris

4:45 News : Weather

4:55 The Wrong Trousers Wallace & Gromit

5:25 Keeping Up Appearances

3:00 Tricks on Two

3:10 Hard Times

4:55 Today’s the Day Christmas Special

5:25 The Carpenters at the BBC

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Mary Poppins (1964)

5.45 Bugs Bunny Looney Christmas Tales

5.55 News, Weather

6.05 Film : Sleeping Beauty (1959)

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message the Rev Jesse Jackson

3.15 Film : The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)

5.15 War Story

5.20 News

5.30 Zig and Zag’s Christmas Special

6.00 Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

1995 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4.20 News; Weather

4.30 Film : Hook (1991) Première

6.45 Auntie’s Brand New Bloomers presented by Terry Wogan

3.00 Tricks on Two

3.10 La Bohème

5.05 Today’s the Day Christmas Special

5.35 Some Enchanted Evening

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Ghostbusters II (1989)

5.00 News ; Weather

5.05 The Wind in the Willows animation

6.30 Christmas in Coronation Street

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message Brigitte Bardot

3.15 Heroes of Comedy

5.45 Coping with Christmas comic sketches

6.20 The Queen

1996 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4.15 Brambly Hedge – Winter Story

4.40 News; Weather

4.50 Animal Hospital Goes West

5.40 Auntie’s All-New Christmas Bloomers

6.30 Film : Jurassic Park (1993) Première

3.00 Gogs

3.10 Film : Casablanca (1942)

4.50 Choir of the Year

5.30 The Queen

3.00 The Queen

3.10 The Treasure Seekers

5.00 News, Weather

5.10 Christmas with the Royal Navy

5.25 Film : Dennis (1993)

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message Rory Bremner, as Princess Diana

3.15 Faust

6.40 The Queen

6.50 Film : The Battle of the Sexes (1960)

1997 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4.10 Film : The Flintstones (1994) Première

5.30 Animal Hospital

6.00 Auntie’s New Festive Bloomers

3.10 Film : White Christmas (1954)

5.05 Close Up on James Stewart

5.25 Film : Madame Butterfly (1995) Première

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) starring Michael Caine Première

4.45 The Spice Girls in concert in Istanbul

5.50 News, Weather

6.00 Emmerdale

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Mesage 13yr old Margaret Gibney

3.05 Verdi’s Requiem

4.45 The Nativity

5.00 Countdown Special

5.30 Film : Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)

1998 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4.10 Animal Hospital with Rolf Harris

4.15 The First Snow of Winter

5.15 News, Weather

5.25 EastEnders

5.55 Auntie’s Spanking New Christmas Bloomers with Terry Wogan

3.10 Film : Casablanca (1942)

4.50 Choir of the Year

5.30 Nutcracker Sweeties

6.05 Film : Twelfth Night (1996)

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Christmas Disney Time

4.10 Jack and the Beanstalk

5.45 News , Weather

6.00 Emmerdale

3.00 Alternative Christmas Message – Neville and Doreen Lawrence

3.10 Film : The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery (1966)

4.50 Countdown Grand Final

5.35 Gilbert and Sullivan: the Very Models

5.55 The Queen

1999 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Noel’s Christmas Presents

4:00 Film : Jumanji (1995) Première

5:40 BBC News and Weather

5:50 EastEnders

6:20 Auntie’s Cracking New Bloomers presented by Terry Wogan

3:15 Film : White Christmas (1954)

5:10 Film : Singin In the Rain (1952)

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Ace Ventura : Pet Detective (1993)

4.45 News

5.05 Gladiators : the Final Battle

6.00 Who Wants to Be a Christmas Millionaire?

3.00 Alternative Christmas Message with Ali G

3.15 Fifteen to One quiz show

4.55 Countdown Grand Final

5.40 Film : Woodlanders (1997)

2000 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Film : The Borrowers (1997) Première

4:35 Walking with Dinosaurs Special

5:05 BBC News and Weather

5:15 EastEnders

5:45 Film : Titanic (1997) Première

2:55 The Simpsons

3:20 Film : Casablanca (1942)

5:00 Turning Points

5:05 Choir of the Year

5:45 The Woman in White

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Octopussy (1983)

5.35 News

5.45 Emmerdale

6.15 Aladdin

3.00 Alternative Christmas Message Helen Jeffries, whose 14yr old daughter died of vCJD

3.05 Father Christmas

3.35 The Bear

4.05 Fifteen to One Final

4.45 Countdown Final

5.30 The Real Joan of Arc

2001 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Rolf’s Merry Christmas

4.00 Dazzling Bloomers

4.30 News ; Weather

4.40 Film : Toy Story (1995) Première

5.55 EastEnders

6.25 The Lost World

3.10 The Royal Ballet

5.05 Weakest Link

5.50 Film : White Christmas (1954)

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : The Great Escape (1963)

6.10 ITV Evening News

6.25 Emmerdale

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message Genelle Guzman 9/11 survivor

3.10 Film : Oliver! (1968)

5.50 Countdown

6.40 Bourne to Dance

2002 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3.10 Legend of the Lost Tribe animation

3.40 Bargain Hunt a festive special

4.20 Outtake TV with Paul O’Grady

4.50 Film : Chicken Run (2000) Première

6.10 BBC News

2.45 Swan Lake opera

5.00 Bing Crosby : In His Own Words

5.50 Film : It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Thunderball (1965)

5.30 News

5.40 New You’ve Been Framed A-Z of Christmas

6.10 Christmas Celebrity Blind Date

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message Sharon Osbourne

3.15 Film : Death of the Nile (1978) starring Peter Ustinov

5.50 Shackleton

2003 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Dear Father Christmas

3:55 Outtake TV

4:25 Film : Stuart Little (1999) Première

5:50 News and Weather

6:00 EastEnders

1:30 Film : My Fair Lady (1964)

4:15 Die Fledermaus

7:00 Film Belleville Rendez-vous (2003) Première

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

5.15 Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

6.15 News

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message Barry and Michelle Seabourn, from Wife Swap

3.10 Film : Oliver! (1968) starring Ron Moody

5.50 Film : Some Like It Hot (1959)

2004 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 Dear Father Christmas

3:55 Film : 102 Dalmations (2000) Première

5:30 News and Weather

5:35 The Big Impression Christmas Special

6:05 Film : “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (2001) Premiere

2:10 Film : White Christmas (1954)

4:05 Film : Great Expectations (1946)

6:00 The Queen

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Goodbye Mr Chips

5.15 You’ve Been Framed at Christmas!

5.40 Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

3.00 The Simpsons’ Christmas Message

3.05 The Simpsons

3.35 Mr Plow

4.05 The Simpsons’ Christmas Message

4.10 The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments

6.10 The Simpsons’ Christmas Message

2005 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3:10 Film : Shrek (2001) animation

4:30 Film : Toy Story 2 (1999) Première animation

6:00 My Family . . .and I’ll Cry If I Want to

3:20 Darcey Bussell : Britain’s Ballerina

3:50 Sylvia ballet starring Darcy Bussell, Roberto Bolle

5:35 The Queen


3.00 The Queen

3.10 Creature Comforts

3.25 Film : The Grinch (2000)

5.15 News

5.30 Christmas Creature Comforts

3.00 Jamie Oliver’s Alternative Christmas Message

3.10 The Simpsons Bye Bye Nerdy

3.40 Film : Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

5.35 Judith Weir : Armida and Other Stories documentary

6.35 Armida

2006 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 The Green Green Grass From Here to Paternity

3.55 Film : Monsters, Inc (2001) animation Première

5.20 My Family Christmas Special The Heart of Christmas

6.10 BBC News ; Weather

1.45 Cosi Fan Tutte

4.55 Duma the Cheetah

5.25 Autumnwatch with Bill Oddie


3.00 The Queen

3.10 Best Ever Christmas Films

4.10 Film : Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

3.00 Alternative Christmas Message by Khadija a British Muslim woman

3.10 Deal or No Deal

4.05 The Simpsons

4.35 Film : Some Like It Hot (1959)

2007 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Finding Nemo (2003) Première

4.40 Film : Shrek 2 (2004) Première

6.05 BBC News

2.45 Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

3.55 The Magic of Romeo and Juliet

4.25 Romeo and Juliet with the Royal Ballet

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Lights! Camera! The Queen!

4.10 All Star Family Fortunes

5.00 Film : The Polar Express (2004) Première

2.45 Strictly Bolshoi

4.20 The Simpsons

4.50 The Simpsons

5.20 Deal or No Deal

6.10 Film : The African Queen (1951)

2008 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Shark Tale (2004) Première

4.30 Film : Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) Première

5.45 BBC News

3.00 Hänsel and Gretel from the Royal Opera House

5.00 The Truth About Carols

6.00 Maestro : the Inside Story

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

5.45 ITV News, Weather

6.00 Emmerdale

3.00 Deal or No Deal Christmas Star

4.00 Film : Scrooged (1988)

5.50 The Simpsons

6.15 A Boy Called Alex

2009 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : The Incredibles (2004) animation Première

4.55 Shrek the Halls animation

5.20 News

5.30 The Gruffalo animation

6.00 Doctor Who

2.15 Film : White Christmas (1954) starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye

4.40 Film : La Bohème (1993) opera

6.00 The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece

3:00 The Queen

3:10 You’ve Been Framed at Christmas !

3:40 Film : Happy Feet (2006) Première

5:40 News

6:00 Emmerdale

3.00 The Alternative Christmas Message

3.10 Deal or No Deal : Scrooge or Santa

4.15 Film : Annie (1982)

6.35 The Secret Millionaire Changed My Life

2010 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Shrek the Third (2007)

4.30 The Gruffalo

5.00 News

5.10 The One Ronnie

6.00 Doctor Who

3.00 Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Cinderella

5.00 The Queen

5.10 Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece

6.00 Carols for Christmas Day

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

5.00 ITV News/Weather

5.15 You’ve Been Framed!

6.00 Emmerdale

2.50 One Born at Christmas

3.50 Deal or No Deal : Scrooge or Santa

4.50 One Born at Christmas

5.50 News

5.55 Celebrity Come Dine With Me

2011 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

4.35 News

4.50 Film : Ratatouille (2007)

2.10 A Musical Nativity

3.10 The Prince and the Composer

4.40 Dad’s Army

5.10 Porridge No Way Out

5.50 The Queen

6.00 Chistmas University Challenge

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Message

3.10 Film : Happy Feet (2006)

5.10 News

5.30 New You’ve Been Framed!

6.00 Emmerdale

3.00 Celebrity Come Dine With Me

4.05 News

4.15 The Alternative Christmas Message

4.20 Deal or No Deal : Deal Panto

5.20 Film : Big (1988)

2012 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Shrek Forever After (2010)

4.35 Room on the Broom

5.00 News

5.15 Doctor Who

6.15 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

1.35 Film : Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

3.15 Cenerentola

5.15 The Queen

5.25 Arena: Sister Wendy and the Art of the Gospel

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Tangled (2010)

5.00 You’ve Been Framed!

5.30 Emmerdale

6.00 Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs at Christmas

2.25 Film : Scrooged (1988)

4.20 The Alternative Christmas Message by Adam Hills

4.25 Deal or No Deal’s Big Christmas Dinner

5.30 News

5.35 4thought.tv

5.40 Film : The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

2013 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 BBC News, Weather

3.20 Film : Toy Story 3 (2010)

5.00 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

6.15 Call the Midwife

2.45 The Perfect Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special

3.15 Doctor Who at the Proms

4.30 An Adventure in Space and Time

6.00 The Queen

3.00 The Queen

3.10 News

3.20 Film : Tangled (2010)

5.15 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs at Christmas

6.15 Emmerdale

2.45 The Simpsons

3.15 Deal or No Deal

4.15 The Alternative Christmas Message

4.20 News

4.30 4thought.tv

4.35 Film : The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

6.15 Film : Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York (1992)

2014 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Puss in Boots (2011)

4.40 News

5.00 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

6.15 Doctor Who

2.45 Kiss Me, Kate At The Proms

5.00 The Queen

5.10 James May’s Toy Stories

6.15 Morecambe and Wise in Pieces

3.00 The Queen

3.10 The Queen’s Garden

4.10 News

4.20 Elf : Buddy’s Musical Christmas

5.20 New You’ve Been Framed!

5.50 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs At Christmas

2.05 Film : Scrooged (1988)

4.00 Film : Big (1988)

6.00 Film : Arthur Christmas (2011)

2015 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

3.10 Film : Brave (2012)

4.35 BBC News/Weather

4.45 Stick Man

5.15 Doctor Who

6.15 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

4.05 Tim Rice – A Life in Song

4.35 Film : Romeo & Juliet (1954)

6.20 The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

6.30 The World’s Sneakiest Animals

7.30 Dad’s Army

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Cameraman to the Queen

4.10 Countrywise Winter Wonderland

5.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs at Christmas

6.00 ITV Evening News

6.15 You’ve Been Framed! With Bells On

1.45 Film : The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

3.25 Channel 4 News

3.35 Alternative Christmas Message

3.45 Film : Scrooged (1988)

5.45 Film : Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York (1992)

8.00 Gogglsprogs

2016 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Frozen (2013)

4.45 The Great Christmas Bake Off

5.45 Doctor Who

6.45 Strictly Come Dancing

2.25 Film : The Artist (2011)

4.00 Dancing the Nutcracker : Inside the Royal Ballet

5.30 The Queen

5.40 The Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show : 1976

6.45 Christmas University Challenge

3.00 The Queen

3.10 ITV News,Weather

3.25 Film : The Lion King (1994)

4.55 ITV News, Weather

5.15 You’ve Been Framed! Harry’s Naughty List

5.45 Emmerdale

6.45 Paul O’Grady : For the Love of Dogs

2.25 Film : It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

4.55 The Snowman and the Snowdog

5.25 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

6.00pm Film : Home Alone (1990)

2017 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3.00 The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

3.10 Film : Cinderella (2015)

4.45 The Highway Rat

5.15 BBC News/Weather

5.30 Doctor Who : Twice Upon a Time

6.30 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

1.45 BBC Proms 2017 – Oklahoma!

4.30 Dame Vera Lynn : Happy 100th Birthday

5.30 The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

5.35 The Morecambe and Wise Show 1977

6.45 Winter’s Weirdest Events

3.00 The Queen

3.10 Film : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

5.50 Emmerdale

6.50 ITV News, Weather

7.00 Paul O’Grady : For the Love of Dogs

2.35pm Film : Scrooged (1988)

4.30pm Film : Dumbo (1941)

5.50pm Film : Home Alone (1990)

7.40pm The Great Christmas Bake Off

2018 BBC1 BBC2 ITV Ch4

3:00 The Queen

3:10 The Jungle Book

4:50 Zog

5:15 News

5:30 Strictly Come Dancing

3:10 An American in Paris

5:25 The Queen

5:35 Only Connect

3:00 The Queen

3:10 The Chase

4:10 Monsters Inc

5:55 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs at Christmas

3:45 News

3:50 Alternative Christmas Message

4pm The Muppet Christmas Carol

5:40 Home Alone 2

…and that’s all folks!

Have you ever seen the Mercers’ Maidens around London

Sun, 12/23/2018 - 07:00

If you’ve ever seen them, you might think they’re just old decoration, but many buildings in London are adorned with the bust of an anonymous woman. They appear on old buildings, and very modern ones, they are all over London, but cluster in a few places. They can be found on homes, offices, warehouses.

These are the Mercers’ Maidens and they are an often overlooked “hidden in plain sight” aspect of the City of London’s history.

Quite who the Mercer Maiden is, is however unknown, but she has been a symbol for one of the City of London’s livery companies since at least 1425, and her bust appears on buildings owned by the livery company.

The Mercers’ Company is one of the oldest and richest of the City Livery companies, and managed the affairs of merchants in the City, especially for exporters of wool and importers of velvet, silk and other luxurious fabrics (mercers).

Today, the Company exists primarily as a charitable institution handing out some £7 million a year earned mostly from its property portfolio.

The origin of the Mercers’ Maiden, the heraldic emblem of the Company, is not known. Unlike most of the City livery companies the Mercers had no early grant of arms but the 1425 charter granted a common seal, of which a few early examples survive.

The fifteenth century Wardens’ Accounts reveal that, even then, the Company required the device of the Maid’s Head to be displayed on its property.

There are clusters of ownership, such as a large chunk of Covent Garden, lots of land around Guildhall in the City of London, housing in East London and Greenwich, and most exalted of all, they jointly-own the Royal Exchange next to the Bank of England.

As of 2013, the property assets were valued at £570 million.

Today as you wander the streets of London, look up, and you might still spy a Mercers’ Maiden staring back at you.

The Covent Garden portfolio comprises six blocks of property on the north side of Long Acre. The most significant part of the Company’s holdings, it was left to the Company in the 16th Century by Lady Joan Bradbury.

As the Maiden isn’t explicitly designed, she varies in appearance, but the core aspects are always the same – a lady wearing a crown, often rather buxom and wearing the fashions of the era that the bust is carved.

The majority are of stone and painted white, but that seems to be more due to a lot of buildings going up at around the same time, rather than any attempt to fix the design forever.

There’s a slightly out of date map of the Maidens on the Mercers’ website.

Mercers’ Hall – Ironmonger Lane, EC2

Shelton Street, WC2

Brook Green, W6

Dryden Street, WC2

Trinity Hospital, Greenwich (the left plaque)

King Street, EC2

Long Acre, Covent Garden

Lindley Street, E1

Long Acre, Covent Garden

Long Acre, Covent Garden

Mercer Lane, WC2

Shelton Street, WC2

Hardinge Street, E1

Johnson Street, E1

Ironmonger Lane, EC2

Nicholas Lane, EC4

Queen Street, EC2

The Royal Exchange, lower left painted shield

Free cycle hire bikes over Christmas

Sat, 12/22/2018 - 16:22

The London cycle hire service, Santander Cycles is offering free bike hire over the Christmas period, including on Christmas Day, when the bikes are pretty much the only public transport available.

Use the discount code XMASCYCLE2018 to claim a free 24-hour access period until 31 December.

The code will provide one 24-hour access period, with all journeys less than 30 minutes included. Make as many journeys as you like within 24 hours, and the first 30 minutes of each journey is free.

Longer journeys cost £2 for each extra 30 minutes or less.

If you’re close to the 30 minute limit for a free ride, just park the bike in a docking station and pick up another from the next docking station and carry on cycling.

If you pop out on Christmas Day for an early morning cycle around London when it’s empty, then in calories, you’ll burn off roughly one glass of wine for every 30 minutes of cycling. Don’t go cycling after the wine though.

You can redeem the code when hiring through the Santander Cycles mobile app, or at a payment terminal by selecting the Promo Code icon at the bottom of the ‘Please confirm your purchase’ screen.

For a map of bike docking stations, click here.

Crossness Pumping Station saved — reopens in 2019

Sat, 12/22/2018 - 09:42

The magnificent Victorian pumping station at Crossness that had to close suddenly earlier this year has secured its future after raising nearly £500,000.

The Crossness Pumping Station found asbestos in the main Beam Engine House during restoration works, and had to close to the public, with restricted access for everyone else.

It was likely that it would remain closed for a long time as they needed £400,000 to remove the asbestos safely.

Asbestos is generally safe if left untouched, but during building work, disturbing it requires specialized work which can be quite expensive to remove it safely.

Thames Water was the first to come to the buildings rescue, when they stepped forward with £250,000 in the early autumn. Despite fundraising efforts, the Crossness Trustees had not been able to raise the all of the remaining money needed to complete the works.

Cory Riverside Energy has now come to the rescue too, after Bexley Council asked for its help, and it agreed to provide £130,000 for the removal works.

In total, the Trust raised £478,000 to fund the works.

Pippa Catterall the Chair of the Crossness Pumping Station Trust said; “The discovery of asbestos has been a real challenge for us, coming at a time when the Trust was completing a major project and looking forward to a successful future. 2019 is a very significant year for Crossness Pumping Station – marking the 200th anniversary of Joseph Bazalgette’s birth. Now that the building has been saved, celebrations are being planned – the financial support from Thames Water and Cory and the continued support and guidance of Historic England, has provided a very generous early birthday present!”

Crossness Engines Pumping Station was opened in 1865 as part of Sir Joseph Bazalgette’s sewer network.

Crossness is now designated a Grade 1 Listed building, featuring spectacular ornamental Victorian cast ironwork. It houses an historical exhibition space and four original pumping engines, thought to be the largest rotative beam engines in the world. One of the engines is fully operational during set ‘steaming’ times during the year.

The asbestos removal process is already underway, and now that the remaining budget has been secured, the works can be completed.

The aim is to reopen by March 2019 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Sir Joseph Bazalgette, with Prince Consort in steam.

Photos by the Crossness Pumping Station Trust